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Blog: A Discussion Or Informational Mini Website

A blog (web-log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (posts) typically displayed in certain chronological order.

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The Basics Of Search Engine

The World Wide Web has been main stream for around 20 years, and has grown phenomenally in that time. In the early 1990s when the web was young, it was far more difficult for an average web user to create their website. Websites were mainly hosted by tech savvy companies or hobbyists.


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Principles Of Web Designing

Designing an effectiveweb site requires more than just gathering relevant information and posting it on the web. Like a good paper or research presentation, a quality web project demands as much attention to the selection, organization and presentation of material as to the underlying research itself.

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Online Chat

Online chatmay refer to any kind of communication over the Internet that offers a real-time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver.

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IP - Internet Protocol

IP (Internet Protocol) is the primary network protocol used on the Internet, developed in the 1970s. On the Internet and many other networks, IP is often used together with the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) and referred to interchangeably as TCP/IP.

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